About Me

 I'm almost sixteen (and will be as of 9/6/2010). I was diagnosed with hearing loss when I was three and a half- the audiologist told my parents I probably would never speak well or go to a "normal" (mainstream) school. I went through years of Auditory-Verbal Therapy and continued going to my mainstream preschool, with the use of two hearing aids. My hearing got worse when I hit my tween years, and I chose to get a cochlear implant. I got another one less than two years later. My CI's are Freedom internals with Nucleus 5 processors, but I think all of the brands are equally good.  I love advising people in the process of getting a CI, as well as talking to other teens with hearing loss. I'm Jewish, although not particularly religious. I'm anal, which is both my greatest attribute and my biggest downfall. I love to write, but prefer to write about things I have personal experience with- I also tend to write a lot. I hope to be a doctor someday (the specialty du jour is neurology- in the past it's also been orthopedics and genetics, so we'll see how long this lasts), and have wanted to since I was a toddler. I absolutely hate it when people tell me that I'm incapable of something, and I will make it my mission to prove them wrong. I can be nerdy at times, which I am perfectly fine with. Most of my friends are hearing, except for a handful of really close friends I have from a convention. Oh, and if you're wondering about the blogger name, I will settle this once and for all:
 Pink= my favorite color (not as in the singer. I am not a fan of her)
LAM= my initials, not a misspelled version of the animal.

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Got it? Good!