Thursday, February 11, 2010

White Fluff

My yard is filled with inches of white, fluffy snow. For those of you that don't know, I live in Texas.

The place where it's flat. and hot. And it's weird if you don't say "y'all" in everyday conversations.

I woke up, and the grass was covered in a thin layer of snow. It hasn't stopped, and the past record of 1" of snow has been shattered. It's at least 4" and is predicted to get up to 7". How crazy is that!?

We still had to go to school. Every single other school district in the area closed. However, ours is infamous for having really bad judgement when it comes to bad weather days. It's supposed to completely freeze over tonight. Thankfully, not long after getting home, it was announced that school would be cancelled for tomorrow (Friday) giving us a 4 day weekend, since we already have Monday off. Awesome! My friends and I have been planning for this all week, and if the roads aren't too bad to drive on, we'll be seeing Valentine's Day tomorrow. I need this long weekend!

Pictures to come :)

Oh, and on the CI front..
I picked the brown processors. I sent in my backup brown Freedoms (I was very happy that we only had to send in the processors, not the controllers) and they should be shipping the N5s to my audiologist for mapping shortly. We were able to get some insurance coverage, with help from my center's insurance department. However, we're yet to be given an actual number on how much we'll have to pay out of pocket. Hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise, and not a shock!

Has anyone used the Bilateral Personal Audio Cable?

I ordered one, and received it a week or so ago. The weird thing was, one side (that you plug into your processor) was a good 3 inches longer than the other. I'm yet to understand the logic in that, and it's not like the length is adjustable. We called Cochlear, and they sent us another one to make sure the one we got wasn't defective. Nope, apparently they are intentionally making one side longer than the other...

So, if anyone has any idea why this is the case, feel free to share. And don't worry, I'll be posting more about the CART/School situation soon!


  1. Oooh, send some snow this way!! that is weird about the cable! What purpose does making 1 side longer make? I would be interested to know this too. You'll have to put a pic up when you get your brown N5's!

  2. Strange that Texas has snow but Vancouver where the Winter Olympics is taking place doesn't.
    Hope you enjoyed your Snow Day!

  3. What's a BPAC? It sounds like something for listening to music on an ipod, PC, etc. but is it wireless? (just curious)
    "The place where its hot. And flat. And weird if you don't say 'yall' in everyday conversations." hahahahaah love it.
    ~Shelovestoact~ (yup, its me)

  4. Hahaha! It's not wireless, I wish it was! It's like a cord that plugs directly into your ipod on one end and directly into your implant processor on the other.


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