Monday, April 26, 2010

Announcement....and a contest?

First and foremost... is up and ready for viewing! Take a look around. I can assure you that many hours of planning and perfecting went into this website.

The other thing that I wanted to share with you all is that Phonak  is having a contest for FM users under the age of 19.  There aren't many rules or regulations, but there are plenty of prizes, which include camcorders and an iPhone. All you have to do is make a video about how your Phonak FM helps you, upload it to YouTube, and submit the video to Interested? You can find more information at There aren't many videos up on YouTube yet, but you've got until August. The videos that are already are GREAT. I honestly don't know they're going to pick a winner, because I know I love all of them. They are so creative. Here they are, with captions..

This video doesn't (yet?) have captions, so  there is a transcript underneath.

This is Andrea reporting to you about my Phonak Inspiro FM system.
There are 4 things I like about my FM. I like to talk into the microphone. It helps me hear my voice. It makes my teacher’s voice sound clear. When it is loud the volume goes up and down. I can take it to different classrooms like speech, computer, and music, but not gym. It is easy to carry. I listen to the story without using the headphones. I can see how it attatches to my hearing aid, and I can do it myself. If I didn’t have my FM, I couldn’t hear better. I couldn’t hear my teachers. School would be hard. I think my Phonak Inspiro is—wait. My phonak and Me.

Question 1:
Well, I like to speak into my microphone.
Question 2:
Well, it helps my, um, teacher’s voice clearer.
Question 3:
School would be hard.
And then?
Not concentrate because it gets harder, and harder, and harder, and I don’t get it!
My Phonak Inspiro changed my life!


  1. Thanks for letting me know about this contest. I'll have to figure out UTube for this one!

  2. I got hooked up with that FM unit last month!
    works great AND it's better than the old one I had since 4th grade


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