Friday, July 2, 2010

Orlando/AG Bell (1)- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

I'm baaack! I thought you guys would like a short summary of each things we did, from a teen attendee perspective.

The convention didn't officially start until Friday, so we spent the first two days there exploring Disney. On Wednesday evening, we went to Magic Kingdom. I'm not a huge fan of rides, so we mostly marveled at the things there were to see. They also had a parade, which was pretty cool.  (I would put some pictures up, but Blogger is frustrating me and not allowing me to do so...)

On Thursday morning we went to EPCOT, which was pretty neat. I went on a couple of rides, but mostly explored the slow-moving futuristic sorts of things. We briefly went to the side with all of the different countries and cultures, but wanted to get back to the hotel soon after. The hotel provides a free shuttle that only came every hour, and we literally ran around the entire park so as not to miss it. We were sticky and sweaty and gross, but we made it! That evening I met up with my four close friends that I made from the last convention (2008, in Milwaukee).  It was amazing to be able to see them again, and we talked for hours and hours. We had planned on watching a movie together, but around 11 we decided that we probably wouldn't have time!

On Friday the teen program began, and I was looking forward to it. At the last convention, I thought the teen program was great, and the people who ran it were really on top of things. I wish I could say the same for this year, but I was honestly a bit disappointed with how they ran everything. My friends and I decided to go to the teen program a little late, since it started early and there was nothing really planned for that day. When I arrived, I was surprised to find the entire room dead silent. There were about twenty teens there, but most of them didn't know each other and the "sitters" simply sat at a table in the corner and spoke to each other. This was a stark contrast to the teen program in Milwaukee, where the sitters did everything they could to get the teens to interact with each other, and we all became friends with each other. This time it took a little while for everyone to warm up to each other, but it happened within a few hours.

Next post- Friday afternoon sessions and activities

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