Friday, December 3, 2010

Just one of those weeks

It's not a hearing thing.

I used to think it was, until one day at lunch my friends were describing how when they're really stressed out at school, the smallest things will set them off into a fit of crying. Ha! I actually am normal!

Maybe it's a girl thing? A perfectionist thing?

This week has absolutely sucked. (sorry Mom, I know you hate that word..)

I would go as far as to say this week was the most stressful, upsetting week of my one and a half years in high school. All of my teachers are being forced to squeeze in a ton of last minute projects and assignments. I don't think they like it anymore than we do, but, quite frankly, they're not the ones running on 4 hours of sleep.

So, that in addition to some family stuff to deal with --> me=disaster. Every little thing set me off.
Friend/family member: Hey, how was your day?
Me: *cue blubbering hysterics*

Just lovely. On Wednesday, I had 2 very large projects due, leading to my lack of sleep (and even on those 4 hours of sleep, I wasn't able to complete all of my homework. I got to spend my lunchtime working too!) This morning (Friday), I was finally feeling relaxed. I had no tests or quizzes to study for, and all of the projects for the week were turned in, and I was finally going to be able to get some sleep tonight. I just wanted to print off a copy of a powerpoint we were using in one of my classes so that I would have an easier time listening rather than concentrating on taking notes.

I went to the printer to retrieve the notes, but it was out of paper. I refilled the paper. I looked down expecting my powerpoint notes to be printed.

The first thing that printed was the last page of my English project. The one I had stayed up working on until 2 AM. The one that was due on Wednesday. It was the last two paragraphs (i.e, the last 20 points).

*Insert full-out sobbing and shrieking here*

Thank G-d my teacher likes me. He apparently took sympathy on my teary, puffy-eyed self and insisted that it was fine since he hadn't graded it yet. It's good thing he accepted it, because I may have otherwise had a complete mental breakdown on the spot.

This week is over. Now I have the onslaught of projects for this upcoming weeks. Just 2 more weeks until Winter Break. I can do this. Right?

Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish readers. I've barely had time to celebrate, but I will write about it later on!


  1. I absolutely hate those weeks. Just had one of them about 3 weeks ago.... it wasn't pretty. You can do it! Just take a quick 15 minute nap anytime you get the chance... it actually helps with the energy levels.
    Good luck!

  2. Ah, I remember going through those weeks as a teen and now I'm watching my teens stress out here and there.

    Here's to a less-stressed 2011 for you!


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