Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick Udpdate

I know I have some comments and messages that I need to respond to. I just got back in town yesterday from AG Bell's Leadership Opportunities For Teens program, and I had a blast. It was such a powerful, emotional experience that I will blog about in much more depth later because I just had my wisdom teeth out this morning. I was doing well but now all the numbness has worn off and it feels like I have been punched in the jaw about 50 times, so hopefully the pain medicine will kick in soon! Promise I'll write more soon!


  1. Ouch ! Hope you feel better soon ! ;-)

  2. Hope you feel better soon. There is nothing worse having a tooth out, especially a wisdom tooth.

  3. It is saddening to see that a group of deaf people who believe in dependent living inside a closed society would go to a place, like the Listening & Spoken Language Symposium, where the future of an independent deaf society is being discussed, developed, embraced, and educated only to make a lot of noise that its better to be a dependent member of a closed deaf society.

    If any of you folks want to know the truth about the deaf society y'all hearing about in the news, especially the folks that came to make sour noises at the Listening & Spoken Language Symposium, this be the page that says it all : The truth is all there and you can not call my bluff. This will be the true history of the big "D" deaf society.


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