Friday, June 22, 2012


Murphy's Law of High School: You will be one of the few people stupid enough to stay up until 4 AM to see the results of your SAT II Subject Test... and you will also be part of the "small percentage" of people whose score was mysteriously not released online. Yeah, I knew I would regret waiting up..

I am pleased to report that I've been doing really well hearing-wise lately. I know most of you are able to go once or twice a year for mappings, but I have never been so lucky. It usually ends up being once or twice a month for me, so it seems like I'm constantly at the audiologist. It's been a month and a half since my last mapping, and I'm still hearing well, so that's good news. I was actually at the dentist today and I surprised myself that I was able to hear every single word spoken to me clearly, even with the hygienist wearing a mask and the noise of all the dental equipment. Even 5 years later, it's the little things that make me grateful that I am able to hear!

I am enjoying my summer. I'm working on getting an internship at a daycare to keep my free time occupied. Who needs to rest anyway? I am also working on applying to colleges. I am almost finished with my first application essay, and I've been on a few campus visits. I've managed to narrow down my list to 19 schools, but I'm still trying to decide on another 5-10 to take off. I have an idea of which school would be my dream school to attend, but there are so many great schools, it's hard to scratch any off my list. Those of you who've been through the process (with or without hearing loss) feel free to share any advice with me as I embark on this stressful journey :)

I actually had my first college admissions interview the other day! I was insanely nervous, but the interviewer was extremely friendly and casual. It went well, and I didn't even mention the fact that I had  a hearing loss or cochlear implants; I had no trouble hearing. We had a pleasant conversation about my aspirations to go into medicine and my motivations for doing so, as well as opportunities the school had available that I'd be interested in. I actually thought the interviewer was a current student, but I found out afterwards that she's the assistant director of admissions! Yikes! I'm just glad I didn't know ahead of time, or my nerves might have gotten the best of me.

Also thought I'd share a tidbit of good news. A few weeks ago I was notified that I am a store winner for the Kohl's Cares Scholarship Competition for community service. Store winners don't actually receive scholarship money, just a gift card, but I'm hoping I have a shot at advancing to the next level. Even if I don't, it was also exciting winning something and getting a congratulatory letter and certificate in the mail!

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  1. We've talked about this before, but I'd like to remind you that Texas is the only State in the union that has a tuition waiver for deaf/HOH that is good at all state institutions for all programs, from Associates on to Doctoral (for PhD, Medical and Law (and even Audiology!)) levels -- Click here for the info.

    By the way, stay tuned to upcoming articles in The Hearing Blog, including one on an FM system shootout, including both analog and the new digital systems… With surprising results.


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