Friday, August 21, 2009

High School Starts Monday

And I have..

  • lost my mind
  • more pencils than I will ever use
  • enough binders to last me through all four years of high school

  • a big, ugly backpack (apparently in HS they don't wear colorful backpacks anymore..)

  • a bundle of nervous energy

  • a working FM

  • some awesome new clothes and makeup (yay for tax-free weekend!)

  • a new MAP so I can hear my best at school

  • more batteries in stock than Energizer

  • a cute new haircut

  • met with all of my teachers that wanted to talk to me

  • memorized my schedule and locker combination

  • decided I'm going to enjoy myself and have a good year

  • killed a good acre of trees with the amount of paper I bought
  • added a poll to my blog to find out more about my readers (since you lurkers are so darn stubborn!)
  • a stomach virus. Or some sort of digestive system issue. (for a week and counting...)

I'm just lucky like that.

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