Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Teens With Hearing Loss?

Are you a teen with hearing loss? Or the parent of one? Please read this and pass it on! Kristi is a 15 year old girl with cochlear implants, and is out to start an awesome project. I promised I'd help spread the word, and if you have any questions feel free to contact her. While I don't know Kristi personally, she seems like a really cool girl. To read more about her go to the website she gives in her post.

Here is what Kristi has written,
"I have an idea. I want to start a project, a giant one and I can't do it without your help. I want to start a traveling notebook for deaf teenagers all across the world.It will be a place for your heartaches, your fears, your pain, your hopes, dreams, memories and secrets that will be shipped all across America and possibly across seas if anyone afar is interested.And the best part? Everything you write will be completely anonymous. So don’t be afraid to spill your insides out all over the blank pages, because you don’t have to sign it.This will be your outlet.Write it, type it, draw it, glue and paste it on any page, in any order so it is all safe against guessing, and then send it off to the next city, the next state, the next country. Read the secrets of others, leave notes, underline, understand and feel it too.In the end I will receive the notebook and scan the pages for all to see.This is a project for everyone – I want you all to participate!This is still in it’s planning stages as in how the notebook will get to you: whether I send it to you and you send it back for me to send to the next person OR I send it to the first person to send to the next in line. And I’m considering starting a small fund for ‘in case’ emergencies.First I need to see just how many will be interested in joining this project. So please comment and shoot me a quick e-mail at help spread the word about this project! The more, the better!For more information: "

(It's formatted a lot differently, but when I copied and pasted it, it got all messed up. Go to her blog to see it for yourself!)

If you're interested, please contact Kristi. I know I will be doing this, and it seems really neat, so I thought I would share!

By the way- I edited my last post. Scroll down to the bottom of it to read my summary on being bilateral!

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