Sunday, November 22, 2009

Countdowns and Ramblings

These are some things that I'm looking forward to for the next month or so...

Thanksgiving Break- 3 days
We're driving up to New Orleans to visit family over Thanksgiving. I'm ready for a much-need break! I'm thankful for a lot too, but that's another post. No, we won't be staying in the same hotel as last time!

Exams- 3 Weeks
err... no comment on this one. Hope I can catch at least a few hours of sleep a night! I am excited by the fact that we only have to go to school for half a day for all of exam week.

Winter Break- 4 weeks
I cannot believe that in a month I will have made it halfway through my first year of high school. (never mind the fact that the second semester is a lot longer..) I really want to do an update on what's going on at school, but so far nothing has really happened. There's been some "evaluations" (it would be a joke to actually call it that) to try to get some technology (any sort of real-time captioning for just a few of my classes) which ended with the verdict that I'm doing just fine. Then there was a meeting, and the verdict somehow changed to "maybe, but you'd have to change schools." This is the LAST thing I want to do, so for now we're planning on trying out something that I'm pretty sure has never been done in the classroom before. Look for an update once it's actually been tried out... whenever that may be.

Visit up North- 4 1/2 weeks
I'm super-excited to say that I'll be flying to IL to visit a friend who I haven't seen in nearly a year and a half. We first met at a convention and have continued to stay in touch starting the second I got to the airport! I'm pretty sure a day doesn't go by that we don't talk to each other. I've mentioned her once or twice, and she sometimes comments on here under "She Loves to Act." We have a lot in common and finally convinced our parents to let us visit each other. I get impatient every time I think about it! I'm also excited to see REAL snow (hopefully!) and see how people celebrate Christmas (I'm pretty sure this will be the first Christmas I don't spend in a movie theater and eat in a Chinese restaurant... If you're Jewish  you know what I'm talking about ;)) I still need to find a coat...

Nucleus System 5- Releases for Freedom recipients in a week and a 1/2
Freedom users and parents of users- will you be upgrading? If so, when? I more than likely will, but just want some other people's input on why they are or aren't planning to upgrade. There is no software (hearing)difference, so there's pretty much no chance of getting insurance coverage. There's a good chance that there will be software upgrades (for the N5) in two or so years, so insurance coverage may eventually be available, but who knows. I really like the fact that it's so much lighter, and I actually prefer the remote- if I'm having trouble changing to FM mode or something with my processor, I'd actually be able to see what I was doing! My second ear was implanted after March 2009, so we'll be getting an extra $1,000 back for that side with the Freedom trade-in if/when I choose to upgrade.



  1. Hi PinkLam,
    That's great that you're coming to IL soon. We will try and have a pretty white landscape ready for you. Be sure and get a warm coat. I've already been wearing my parka. I hadn't realized that you were from the South - your phrase "driving up to New Orleans" stopped me in my tracks. What is south of New Orleans? I will have to consult a map. Anyways, safe travels and have a wonderful visit with your family at Thanksgiving and your friend later.

  2. Not sure about upgrading, but I may have to anyway. I will check on whether insurance will cover it before I upgrade!

    My audie did say that the Nucleus 5 will sound a bit clearer than the Freedom. We'll see.

  3. Sarah-
    I started laughing when I read your comment- I guess I'm so used to saying "up to" that I just did it out of habit. I actually live in a suburb near Dallas ;) I just ordered a coat online and they had temperature ranges- I've never seen such a thing! I ended up getting one that's made for -5 to 10 degrees- hopefully it's not too warm. I presume you live in IL?

    Nabeel- I tried out the N5,and its slightly (and I mean, just barely) clearer. I doubt my hearing tests would look any different. What do you mean you "may have to anyway"?


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