Sunday, November 22, 2009


I love my CIs- they're great, and most of the time I forget I'm deaf. And then other times..

My mom wanted me to do some holiday shopping for a specific person. We went to a very upscale store in the mall, and spent a pretty penny on a cute purse and wallet. The sales lady handed me the bag, and I walked out the door. I began walking towards another store when I noticed my mom wasn't next to me. I stopped to look for her, when I suddenly heard my name being shouted from the store I had just left.

I walked back in the door, only to hear the alarms blaring. Apparently, the lady had forgotten to scan one of the items.

Let's pretend that didn't happen!

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  1. Hope you have time to comment here:

    Hope no one thinks you are a thief. Explain that you paid for the item and show the recipt! That happened to me before and I had proof that I paid.


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