Friday, December 25, 2009


Hi, my name is PinkLAM and I'm a blogging addict.

I think it's more out of not having anything better to do. Sureee, I could go (finally) take my permit test. Or practice my violin. Naw, blogging's fine. Besides, I'm a Jew, on Christmas, and everyone else is busy. Being social wll have to be put on hold too...

But who doesn't love...A PICTURE POST?!

My friend from IL joked that she sent me snow as her gift, since I couldn't make it there. That's honestly the best theory I've heard, because it never snows this much here. EVER.

*whew* I never realized it takes so long to put up pics.
This is when the snow first started falling...

I may be slightly too old to do this, but I was deprived as a youngster!

We went inside. The snow picked up a couple of hours later..

Snow heart!

I did, indeed, get to make my snow angel. The picture I got wasn't very good, but this is the one my sister made.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Hi PinkLam,

    I've really enjoyed your last few posts - and thanks for directing me to WriterKid - you're right - what an amazing girl! Reading both of your writing really makes me smile. You're both very talented writers.

    I'm sorry you didn't get to see your friend in Illinois because of the weather, but it looks like you had fun in the snow. I hope you and your family had a Happy Hannukah - we did! We're interfaith (hubby is Jewish but I'm not), and I have really fallen in love with his singing the blessing and lighting the candles. The girls like the presents the best.

    Anyway, keep writing. It's a real pleasure reading your blogs. Oh - my daughter gets her first hearing aid this afternoon - a pink Phonak open-fit aid that she's very excited about - I hope she likes the way it sounds as much as she likes the color!

    All the best,

  2. Hey Rebecca,
    Great to hear from you again. Please keep me updated on how your daughter likes her new hearing aid-there's never telling how anyone (whether they're 5 or 85!) will react. I know that when I first got my hearing aids, the first month or so was a struggle. Bribing helped, though :)

    I did have lots of fun in the snow! The weather is just crazy here- we're supposed to have the coldest night in 14 years. With a little luck, I may get to see my friend next weekend. Right now the main obstacle is her finding a flight (she's going to try to come visit me this time around) and we should see each other, weather permitting. If not, we'll see each other at the next AG Bell convention in June. For you and all other parents who choose to go the oral route, I highly reccomend going!


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