Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dear Cochlear,

*warning: slight rant ahead*
When I was picking my implant company, I did lots of research. Part of the reason I picked you was because of the continued support and customer service after being implanted. Nearly everyone I talked to raved about your prompt response when there was a broken piece of equipment.This was pretty important to me, since once you pick a company, you're partners for life. And I found that they were right about you, until now...

Two weeks ago, I went to turn ony my processor on my right side and it would not turn on. I tried and tried, changing the batteries and everything, to no avail. I determined that the controller was malfunctioning. No biggie, my mom could just call Hear Always and they'll replace it. (I was in a rush to get to school). I put on my back-up controller, and went on my merry way.

When I got home, my mom told me we'd have to wait for them to send a box for me to send my controller back in, and then you wouldn't send a replacement until they received the broken part. I asked my audiologist why you were doing this, and she said you'd been having trouble with people not sending back broken equipment, and some people even wanted to get their same part repaired and sent back, rather than get a different refurbished part.(in your defense, this is only if the patient has a backup) Okay, that's fair enough.

We got the box to send my controller back in a few days later, and promptly sent in back. Then we waited..and wait.. and wait. Finally, on Thursday (thirteen days after calling and asking for the replacement) we called you again. You hadn't sent me my controller back, and promised it would be shipped out that day. Alright, I get you've been busy and all, so I guess better late than never.

The controller arrived on Friday afternoon, just like you promised. I decided to wait until today to start wearing it, since I didn't want to have to go through the hassle of changing out the batteries. So, today I put on the replacement controller, fresh out of the box, and put in batteries. I also put in the batteries on my other side, since I like to turn on both of my processors at the same time. I held down the buttons on each ear, and waited for the sound to rush into my ears. I heard it on my left side, but on the right side...nothing. I pulled the processor off my head, and tried again...Once again, nothing.

I pulled out the battery rack, just to make sure I'd put in all the batteries. Yep, A-OK. I tried another pack of batteries, just to be sure. I tried again, and it still doesn't work.

Seriously, Cochlear? Seriously? I know there's been a lot going on with the release of the Nucleus 5 and all, but could you not take the 5 seconds it takes to test out equipment before you send it back?

Today, you're closed, so there's nothing I can do. I'm leaving town on Wednesday, and if my back-up that I'm wearing breaks, I'll be stuck with just wearing one processor. I'm pretty annoyed.

I hope you get this resolved soon, because if you figure it out, you will be forgiven. We are partners for life, after all.

Love always,


  1. Hello,
    Have you tried the other controller (your other ear's) on to this processor? to see if the processor is working. It could be number of things that doesn't work but have same symptoms! For the first few months after my switch on, I had my processor and controller replaced after numbers of times! but now they all are resolved (i HOPE!)
    I have only got one controller, no spare so if it breaks i have to wait until the shop (CI centre) is open in the new year. It's pants i know.
    To be fair enough, I can understand cochlear's postition about recieving the damaged parts first then send out new one/repaired part, they are very expensive equipment and lots of people can be quite naughty.
    When my CI breaks down I have to send the broken part to CI centre and recieve new one, it can take numbers of days (and I have only got one controller)I am sure there is many people in same postition as we are.
    Bear with it and chin up,

    Have good xmas


  2. Hey Charlotte,
    I am lucky and thankful to have a backup processor and controller. I have been using the backup controller with my normal processor and it worked fine, so I am assuming the controller they sent was faulty, since it wouldn't work with my processor. I've been told some people don't their equipment back for YEARS-how crazy is that?! I just wish the whole process was faster, like it used to be.

    Thanks for the comment!


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