Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FDA Approves Rechargeable Batteries for the N5

I just received an email from my audiologist that the FDA has approved the rechargeable batteries for the Nucleus 5 processor. Here are some of the details:
  • Cochlear will begin shipping rechargeable batteries starting this upcoming Monday to current Nucleus 5 recipients. People who already have the N5 will receive two standard rechargeable batteries in their primary processor color.
  • These shipments will take 8-12 weeks
  • All new Nucleus 5 system orders will begin shipping with a rechargeable battery kit effective June 21, 2010.
  • Starting July 1st, Cochlear will change it from two rechargeable batteries to three, adding a compact rechargeable to new patient kits. These will not be included in the rechargeable battery kit shipped to patients who received their Nucleus 5 prior to July 1st.
  • For those who would like to purchase the compact battery, Cochlear will be running a special promotion offer on the price of rechargeables, bringing it down to $99 from July 13th-September 30th
  • When using rechargeable batteries, the Nucleus 5 Sound Processor is the world’s ONLY submersible sound processor.
    • However, the newsletter recommends not using it in swimming that involves going underwater, under a high pressure nozzle, or when using soap or shampoo. 

I know this is welcome news too many! I probably will not be using the rechargeable batteries too much, since I already have a pretty short battery life. I'd be interested to hear if current recipients will be paying the money to get the (amazingly tiny) compact batteries.


  1. Hey ya PL !

    Thanks for the heads up ... I've only one box of batteries left from my initial N5 kit (lasted Dec 1 until now). And just in time for summer swims with my boy! :-) Going for a remap of my left ear on Friday and see if I can find out any new information.



  2. Hi!

    I was just googling the rechargeable batteries because I wanted to see if there were any online instructions and your blog popped up first.

    I got my batteries on Friday (6/25) so they must ship out pretty fast. I'm thrilled cuz it rains so much in Florida this time of year and I'm so bad about remembering to carry an umbrella. (I blame it on 3 years of living in AZ.)

    By the way just wanted to let you know my whole CI experience has been amazing so far (activation 4/14/10), I've been using a regular phone and back to listening to music too. Do you know anything about having a program just for the T-coil? It is such a pain to deal with the button on the side of the remote when my phone rings at work.


    P.S. I'm seriously considering doing my other ear but I'm waiting for the memory of the first surgery to fade first. I wasn't in pain but vomiting, vertigo requiring an overnight stay in the ER, taste changes/no feeling on half of my tongue for a week and balance problems for about a month- were not exactly fun. All in all, it wasn't so bad aside from the severe vertigo the 2nd day post-op, but its exhausting to think about going through that again right now.


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