Monday, November 8, 2010

What I've been up to...

Since I rarely post pictures, and almost always post novels very long stories, , I thought I would switch things up a bit. Wondering what I've been doing?
World Series
Sea of red and blue

Funny sign

Home run..the only game the Rangers won :(


Sweet 16's

Homework. Lots and lots of homework.

 PS: Check out the latest contest over at CI Online for a chance to win a fancy medical bracelet! 


  1. Hello! I have come to your blog via multiple Google searches for audiograms of hearing range in cochlear implant recipients. I was very pleased to find a personal account of the procedure and have enjoyed reading your interpretations of the event!

    While I am not a cochlear implant recipient myself, I am currently working on an informative brochure on the mapping of the devices in young children. Specifically, a brochure made to educate parents of children with cochlear implants on the procedure.

    I'm doing this as a process assignment for a digital design class. I'm a college student, currently studying to be a Biomedical Illustrator/mMedical communicator.

    On that note, it would be quite interesting to hear your opinion in regards to what would make a project of that nature successful and visually informative.

    Again, this is a great blog and has really aided me in viewing the process from the perspective of a cochlear implant recipient. Thank you!

    [I wasn't quite sure where would be the best place to post a general comment, but I figured your first post would be noticed sooner. :) ]

  2. Hey JP, shoot me an email at I'd be happy to give some suggestions!

  3. Very cool! I love your fall leaves here too. Be safe driving young lady!

  4. Cool! So lucky - you got to go to the World Series! Would love to hear more - you'll have to FB me sometime...

  5. bahahahahaha "homework. lots and lots of homework."
    and im digging that LBD in pic #6, just fyi. :) cayute!
    and yes, NOVELS.


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