Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The last three months, in bullets

  • A few months back I went into a class filled with audiology/SLP grad students to tell my story and answer questions. It was a great experience, and it was nice to see how eager they all were to become the best professionals possible. To be honest, grad school looked much more interesting than high school, but it probably isn't always that way!
  • I got an iPhone 4! I am in love with it! It took a few hours to get used to the the keyboard (and I still have trouble typing without looking, but who really needs to be able to do that anyway!) I was worried I wouldn't be able to hear very well on it, but the sound quality is actually much better than any other phones I've used in the past. I don't use the listening/speaking part of the phone too often, but it's good to feel confident that I can hear on it when I do use it. I haven't gotten the chance to try out the FaceTime feature yet... It is wonderful having my music and phone all in one, and the apps aren't too bad either :)
  • I have officially had my license for 6 months! My mom insists that's not very long, but it does mean that I can now legally drive more than one passenger in my car!
  • Yesterday marked two years since my bilateral surgery. I'm finally getting to the point where I'm not feeling like I constantly need to go for mappings, and it is *so* nice.
  • I still have a love/hate relationship with school. Hate the work, but I'm loving spring break :)
  • For the last month or so, I've had horrible jaw pain upon opening my mouth, chewing. talking, yawning.. you get the idea. Today I went to an oral surgeon and he asked if I've been under stress lately. I laughed- when am I not under stress? Apparently I clench my jaw at night because I'm stressed, so the joint on one side of my jaw is out of place. It's supposedly really common, and is curable by doing some mouth exercises a few times a day. 
  • The above appointment was also to have a consultation to get my wisdom teeth out. Yeah, that's what I get to do this summer on top of two different (P)SAT programs, online school, and volunteering. What happened to summer being time for relaxing? Or even having a little bit of fun? 
  • The aforementioned surgeon also mentioned a company that takes wisdom teeth and preserves the stem cells in them for future use. There's no telling what medical advances will come about in my lifetime with stem cells (and I'm not just talking about hearing loss), so we'll look into doing that.
  • I definitely had another two or three bullets to write, but then a bug flew onto the keyboard and I got completely distracted and don't remember what I wanted to say...
  • I feel like I change the colors of this blog more often than I post, but it looks wintery and I'm read for spring. Plus, I looked back at some of my older posts and noticed you can't read them with the darker background..
  • I just remembered everything I wanted to write...
  • I wanted to thank everyone for the outpouring of support as well as the wealth of information that you have all provided regarding my last few posts. Pedro Martinez left a comment about an online course about stethoscopes with hearing loss. It was extremely helpful, but of course the speaker lost connection right as she was about to talk about stethoscopes with cochlear implants. So typical! I've decided to hold off messing with stethoscopes further, since we're done using them for the year. I may or not need it next year, depending on if I get into a program I'm applying for. More to come in the next month, keep your fingers crossed for me!
  • I'll be participating in a research study on FM use and cochlear implants, and I will get the chance to try out a couple of different FM systems. I will keep everyone posted!
  • I'm embarrassed to admit that I even watch Celebrity Apprentice... but did anyone else see the most recent episode on Sunday night? If not, let me just say that it is the epitome of of ignorance of hearing loss/deafness (or whatever term you prefer).
  • Most importantly- I ask that as you pray for the thousands of tragedies in Japan and whatever else is going on in your life, please squeeze Sara and her family into your thoughts and prayers, if you haven't already. Sara is an amazing young woman and a member of the Cochlear Community. Her brother and sister were recently in a car accident. Her brother was killed, and her sister is currently in a coma. I can't even begin to imagine being in her situation, but I do know that every last ounce of support can make a difference.


  1. Thanks for the big update! It sounds like you are as busy as ever and have passed a lot of exciting milestones. Congrats on the driver's license, and I hope you get into the program to which you applied.

    I'll keep your friend Sara in my prayers - such a trajedy for her family.

    All the best,

  2. Oops, just fixed it! That was meant to be a 4 :)

  3. Hi!
    All the courses are recorded. They are at the same webpage a few days after the "on line" course so you will be able to hear it again very soon.
    Regarding the FM, PLEASE keep us informed. Our daughter Paula (3 years old) needs one for school and I'm about to spend a LOT of money on a FM!

  4. Thanks Rebecca!
    Pedro- No sooner did I write this post than did I receive an email that the course has been re-recorded with all of the information. Will definitely keep you posted on the FM. Great technology, just wish it didn't have so many flaws!

  5. Hi Lesley,
    Im Pedro Martinez again. We have been testing an Oticon FM R2 with the nucleus 5 and finally (after 2 weeks of home testing WITHOUT any help from Oticon and some help from Cochlear) we have found the way to make it work pretty good and without static noises.
    The static noises and even the quality of the voice depends a lot on the FM channel. Cochlear recomends this channels for the USA: H Band: H02, H06, H08, H12, H16, H20, H33 N Band: N01, N12, N18, N52, N64. (They dont have this informatin for the Spanish channels....).
    Then its very important to ser the mixing ratio to 1:1 and to select correctly the tab of the reciever to the "two dot" position.
    Hope this helps. In any case you can contact me at pedromartinezdiaz@gmail.com if you need any help. After this two weeks of investigation we pretty know everything about it!


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