Tuesday, May 10, 2011

and a nice day to you too...

I'm going to post an update about lots of things soon. I don't have time right now since this seems to be a week month filled with stress, no sleep and tears. :( At least I'm almost done?!

Anyway, I have always allowed anonymous comments... I know some people have privacy concerns and/or don't want to create a Blogger account. I haven't had any problems with it up until now... Now I am considering disabling the "Anonymous" option. If you have any opinions/advice, feel free to share. Here is a  comment I recently received, in its fully glory (and no, I did not approve it to be published as a comment on the original post)...
"CI?? Recommended?? no... Cochlear implants have a bad side effects which can occured to death. Implanting on the child is a great risky due to Neurology and Psychosocial. The childhood migraine variants as sickness lead to death from the Infectious Diseases and bad environmental because, for example, Something happen to ci users, go emergency hositpal and the doctors cannot do the MRI, Cardiac Arrest, Shock Cardiogenic, Radiation Emergencies, Electronic Machines, so you let your child to die beacuse of cochlear implant in the skull could a greater of damage in the nerve damage or brain damage. That's the facts. I am sorry, if you feel offened. The matter of fact, the CI doctors and Audiologists hyocrited and manipulations because just for hositpal and doctors profits! Consider yourself and think twice!

Cochlear Implants Failure... Lawsuits...Call Lawyer...

Cochlear Implant Lawyer for Advanced Bionics and Clarion Devices

Get a free lawsuit review for Advanced Bionics cochlear implants and earlier Clarion models by completing the form on this page. A Deaf attorney is available to review your information and can discuss it by videophone (VP). The lawyers of Weitz and, Luxenberg P.C. have expanded litigation against Advanced Bionics related to defective Advanced bionics cochlear implants implanted in young children and adults. \
*law firm website removed* Have a nice day! :)"

 Classy. If you are a representative of this law firm, want to invest in spell check...That is all :)


  1. Oh, geez. So sorry you get comments like this one. Actually, I feel worse for the person who wrote this. The comment hardly made any sense.

    I thought it was weird how the person ended it with "Have a nice day! :)"

    Hope you will just forget about this horrible comment and try to have the least stressful last weeks of school.


  2. They must not be able to read either, because your comment section says words of wisdom ;)

  3. Blech. Well, I hope you weren't offened. Sometimes in life you just have to take the great risky. I hope the stress eases off soon and you can embark on a relaxing summer.

  4. They posted the same thing on my blog! Bizarre people.

  5. I used to get these kind of things too... I didn't disable the anonymous comments though; I just deleted them. The one you posted looks as if it was written by a long time Deaf person who, for some reason, is gravely mistaken about CIs. The bottom portion is a cut-n-paste from an ambulance chaser attorney web page.

    When I first started getting these kinds of comments on my blog, I felt like I had to at least give them equal time... I first thought that if I, as a bilateral CI guy, only chant one view and refuse to allow other views, am I no better than the militant deaf? But as I received many more of these nonsensical arguments, I realized that my blog is not a public sounding board and I can, without feeling guilt or malice, simply delete or edit in any way I so choose... why subject myself and my blog readers to such nonsense?

    I'd keep the anonymous comments enabled. I think you'll find that you will receive helpful anonymous comments that you might not otherwise receive because of privacy concerns.

    In fact, one such anonymous comment that I received turned into a year long private e-mail conversation (after I invited the poster to contact me personally). That poster eventually decided, based on our many conversations, to receive a CI and now is loving every moment of new found hearing.

    Throw out the dirty bath water, not the baby.

    (sorry for such a long post)

    Your pal,


  6. what a bunch of whiners and hearing loss bashing? CI SUCKS!

  7. Looks like spam to me ;)

  8. Thanks, e)
    Ha! Good point, LSF!
    Julia-I was not too offend ;)

    Due to the Great Blogger Meltdown, a few comments were deleted and haven't yet been restored. These include a very lovely comment left by Dan about the merits to allowing anonymous comments, and an Anonymous comment saying "what a bunch of whiners and hearing loss bashing? CI SUCKS!"

    Hopefully the former will be restored :)

  9. I've become really disgusted and stopped allowing any comments at all. The Internet is just too big and scary for me!

    ~Joey (of the former Big Teeth & Clouds)

  10. As a teen with a CI, I see first hand every single day how miraculous they are. however, I also understand that many in the deaf community despise them. I respect their opinions but believe they should put down those of us that rely on the hearing world in order to function as we normally did before our hearing loss.


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