Sunday, May 29, 2011

College on the Brain- Input needed!

I just have to survive exam week and then I'll be done with sophomore year! Then, the day after I get out of school, I get to experience the wonderful pleasure of watching my sister graduate. What could be better than waking up early on the first day of summer to watch all 1200 students in my sister's class walk across stage and listen to a bunch of speeches from people I don't know?! I'm half kidding- I love my sister and wouldn't dream of missing her graduation. I can't believe she'll be leaving me in a few short months to go off to college :'(

Anyway, all of this college talk has definitely gotten me thinking. Navigating through college applications and trying to figure out what schools to apply to can be tricky, and it can be even harder as a person with hearing loss. In addition to things like the location, campus, and quality of education, a teen with hearing loss may also have to worry about having accessible dorms, class size, accommodations such as FMs, interpreters, CART and more.  Not only are there SAT scores, essays, and teacher recommendations to worry about, but also the question of whether or not to tell a college about your hearing loss during the admissions process, or to wait until after you've been accepted. Not to mention the fact that college is expensive, but there are so many additional options and scholarships for students with hearing loss. For example, did you know that any resident of the state of Texas with hearing loss can attend any public Texas college (that they have been accepted into) without any cost to them, regardless of their financial situation?

I feel like there are so many resources available for students applying to college, but so many of them are little known. I want to create the ultimate guide for students with hearing loss in looking for, applying to, and being in the appropriate college. In addition to gathering resources, I want to compile an array of personal college experiences, both good and bad. Anything from advice, to anecdotes, to articles on a specific college-related topic. Name and/or college attended are both option information, but if there is enough input I may even compile a list of college that have been great at accommodating students with hearing loss, and possibly also a list of those that have been less than accommodating. I'm not sure exactly what type of format I'd ultimately like it to be in- a website? PDF? Published book?

Yes, I am ambitious. These are just ideas I'm throwing out there. Please let me know if this is something you'd be interested in, I'd like to know if other people feel there is a need for this as well. Also, if you would like to help in anyway, please let me know with either a comment or private email, whichever you prefer! Suggestions? Thoughts? Please share with anyone you think might be interested!

I'll leave you with a few pictures from a recent academic awards ceremony at my school. I received an award from my French teacher. (Actually, most of these pictures were taken afterwards at my house, but still!)

Sisterly Love!


  1. Wow! This is very cool! This is from Tara's mom and I received it through cicircle and was so surprised to see that this is your blog!!! I love it! I am showing it to Tara.

  2. Thank you so much Ms. Beltrami! I miss you guys!

  3. Hi Lesley,

    Cochlear Americas has two great recorded online seminars on guiding high school students to colleges and life after high school. They were conducted by Terry Zwolan from University of Michigan and she is an incredible speaker with a wealth of information to offer! Here are the links to the two seminars:

    I would love to collaborate with you on creating an ultimate guide on high school to college. This is something that I definitely need for my website. Would you be interested in it?

  4. Thanks Rachel! I would love to work with you! I will message you sometime soon and we can brainstorm :)


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