Monday, July 27, 2009

Au Revoir!

I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow and will get to put my (limited) French skills to the test! I'm so excited! If anyone has any last minute trip suggestions, leave a comment now!

Murphy's Law that my incision on my left ear, after being just fine for a month, decides to go crazy less than two days before I leave the country. By crazy, I mean a terrible stabbing/burning pain. Thankfully, I have a really awesome CI surgeon who has known me forever (probably since I was three or so) and is willing to squeeze me in with just a few hours notice! Crisis averted!

It seems I have the same problem as before. Not as last time, but the time before that. There's some weird hairs growing and blackheads (yuck!) along the top of the incision. Sorry if that's TMI, just keepin' it real! After being repeatedly stabbed with some kind of instrument and removing whatever mess was in there, my surgeon told me I should be just fine on vacation and should be okay until I get back. Good, because there's no way I'm missing this trip!

I will have limited computer access for the next ten days, so until then have fun re-reading all of my old posts! ;)

(oh, you know you want to!)

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  1. Have a great time. I spent time in France as an exchange student when I was your age. Very fun.


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