Monday, July 13, 2009

Driver's Ed (Help?!)

Today, I started my first day of Driver's Ed. Since it was the first day, we didn't really do much, except slowly and painstakingly go over and fill out each portion of the learner's permit/driver's license application form (I'm sure it had a much fancier name, but I can't seem to recall it!) It seemed completely pointless to be doing it as a class, until we got to one of the yes or no questions:

"Do you have a health condition that could impede with the communication of a peace officer?"
Hmm.... do I?

The teacher explained her limited knowledge of the question to the class, "You only check yes on this one if you're totally deaf and can't hear anything. Or if you're Dumb, which means you can't talk." (her words, not mine!)

I looked down at the paper and around the room, pondering what to do. It was a rather simple question.

I am deaf...right? But I can hear! What if you're in between?!

I looked up at the teacher, the question still unanswered. A little bell must have gone off in her head and she leaned forward and whispered to me, "Can you hear anything without your 'hearing aids' on?" (I figured it wasn't the time to correct her) I shook my head no.

She said she'd have to ask someone about it and get back to me after our ten minute break. I could have easily checked "yes," but the thing is, if you do there is an entirely different form and process you must also go through. So I didn't want to do anything unnecessarily.

The lady never got back to me. Anyone have any experience with this? I can speak and hear pretty well (most of the time). What should I do?

Also, another question for anyone out there.... I'm 99% sure we will be spending most of the classes watching safety videos from the '80s. Which I'm pretty sure don't have captions. Any suggestions on what I should do about that?

The rest of today's class was spent reading out of the handbook that we'll be tested over. Did I forget to mention that the A/C wasn't working? And we were sitting in 111 degree TX heat? Oh yes, fun stuff!

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