Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hero with bilateral implants gets Extreme Home Makeover

So, last night I was sitting in our family room not really paying much attention to the local news. I had one eye on the TV, the other on my phone. Imagine my surprise when I notice a man with a Freedom perched upon his ear. It turned out the man, Carlton Marshall was a former SWAT member who was injured when he was shot during a drug raid. He had a stroke and then contracted meningitis. He also now needs a wheelchair to get around, but their house isn't wheelchair accessible. The Extreme Makeover crew knocked on his door yesterday morning, and they are now renovating his house.
The story also appeared on the front page of our newspaper this morning. I think it's pretty cool when you see a cochlear implant on the front page of the newspaper! Obviously, he has had to overcome many other obstacles besides his hearing loss, and I can't wait to see how his house turns out!
The date the show will air has yet to be determined.For more information and pictures on the story, click here.

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