Saturday, September 26, 2009


An AMAZING end to a bit of a rough week. My throat hurts from screaming/cheering/singing so much.I am completely exhausted, but I can't stop smiling. This was my first concert with my CIs, and whoever says that cochlear implants dont mix with music is WRONG! I already knew that, but I just wans, ted to share :) My first/last concert was 8 years ago. I could not handle all of the noise (or the people... guess I've matured!)
Good thing about implants it nothing is ever too loud, and you never have to worry about going deaf ;)

I even got to touch Taylor Swift's arm! We had awesome seats and were near the aisle, and she walked down our aisle and was hugging all of these random people, it was so cool! I wish I'd gotten good pictures, but I left my camera at home and my phone's camera isn't the best quality...oh well, I have memories!

Taylor had some pretty good advice too... here are the lessons I took away...
  • It's good to be different in high school (and life), even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.
  • No matter how much high school sucks, hang in there the because the best days of life your life are yet to come. (I was pretty relieved to hear that... I was starting to feel like I had nothing to look forward to)
  • The best revenge is success... and a song about the guy that broke your heart :) (okay, maybe the last part doesn't exactly apply to me!)

My back and neck hurt, which is probably due to the tumble I took down the school stairs on Wednesday. Yeah, I wasn't kidding when I said "rough week."



  1. Dear PinkLam,
    I always enjoy your blog. You are an excellent writer. Yes, High School is difficult in so many ways but some how we learn to survive the experience and move on to other adventures.
    Take care,
    Susan N.

  2. Thanks Susan! I really appreciate the compliments and the advice. Glad you are enjoying my blog!


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