Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quote du Jour

"No one ever said life would be easy... they just promised it would be worth it."

Today, I felt like Alexander..
 I haven't even taken any of my hard exams yet. However, my day started off with locker clean-out during study hall. During this time of absolute chaos, a herd of rather tall teenage guys was stampeding through the halls like no body's business. Apparently my foot was in their way, so rather than running over it..they just ran on top of it it. My typically pasty white foot is now puffy and an ugly purplish color. It hurts pretty badly too :(
In my excitement and enthusiasm for starting a new school in the fall, I had been lulled into a false sense of security and assumed that the few accommodations I currently wouldn't be a problem come next year. It's not the district that's putting up a fight, but it doesn't really matter whose fault it is when the outcome is all the same... I'm always the one who ends up losing out, and yet I was completely blindsided. Silly, silly me.
 Why did I have this crazy idea that I could actually enjoy the right to an equal education without having to fight for it?
I need summer. All I want is to be back playing with and "helping" the sick kids. It brings a strange peace to my heart and I just need to see those beaming smiles to put everything back in perspective.
They make it worth it.


  1. Hey PinkLam,

    Where will you be going to school next year? I'm sorry you're still having to fight so hard for the accommodations you have a right to - it's so ridiculous. Good luck to you and your parents in that fight - hope you get everything you ask for.

    Also, what great news about Texas public universities funding the educations of deaf and hard of hearing students. I'm sure it will be hard to leave Texas with that kind of enticement.

    Anyway, have a wonderful summer!


  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I'll be going to Senior High (11-12th grade- same district, just progressing schools). I will post more information about what's going on as soon as I decide exactly what it is I'm doing!


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