Saturday, June 18, 2011

It passed right by...

Monday was my 4 year anniversary of bionic hearing! It was a relatively uneventful day.. I kinda just remembered that it held any significance!

Now it's just normal. Wearing my CI's is just so natural, that I never really think too much of it. My new favorite hearing thing to do is blast my car radio and sing along. They're still not perfect. I still need frequent mappings, but that's getting better as my 2nd ear is growing and not fluctuating as much. I never really adjust my hearing settings. In fact, I don't carry around the remote (and seldom know where it is...). Although occasionally when it gets ridiculously noisy and it is necessary to scream to be heard, I switch to the Zoom/Focus program. I'm not quite sure how it works, but it works wonders! And for those know-it-alls that claim the Nucleus 5 is just a smaller Freedom, I can tell you that I feel the Zoom feature alone was worth cost of upgrading. The sound is different. Don't ask me how it works, don't tell methat I must be wrong because the technology is the same...

I know what I hear, and it's pretty amazing!

For those of you wondering, the Ultimate College Guide is under way and is now being done in partnership with Rachel Chaikof of Cochlear Implant Online. It should be pretty amazing! If you'd like to participate/be featured, just message me!

In other news... I'm probably giving up French :(
No, it's not by choice. Yes, it is a hearing/accommodations thing. Yes, I am upset by it because it absolutely sucks. 



  1. can you take ASL instead of exemption of foreign language. I was exempt after a month of Spanish. from taking any foreign language for the same reason. ASL as a second language is better than no language IMHO.

    and I agree about the N5. I read how naysayers say N5 is just a smaller Freedom and cochlear company hardly do anything.

  2. I can indeed take ASL, and I am considering it. I don't have to continue on with a foreign language since I took enough years of French to fulfill the distinguished graduation requirement, but I was hoping to continue taking French through my senior year. The only reasons I am holding back taking ASL are that it's weighted as "regulars" class (versus AP) and that I may just take some other graduation requirement instead, such as Speech.

  3. ah, well if it going to be one year of ASL it wont be enough.

  4. NOOOOOO don't give up French! I went through a similar situation where I had some difficulties in getting accommodations for AP French and people telling me not to take the course - I know we've chatted about it, but we can chat more if you want. Seriously...KEEP GOING! Don't give up!

    Regarding the Ultimate College Guide, I got some great responses from some people and will add them to the document in the next few days. I'm also working on setting up an interview with a professional.

  5. Rach, I'll chat with you about it some more. I don't want to give it up, but I also don't want to be stuck in the class all year if accommodations are going to be a hue issue. Maybe we will figure something out!


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