Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Greatest Accomplishment?

So I'm going to a program this summer for teens with hearing loss. I'm excited for it, but before I go we have an assignment to answer a series of personal questions about ourselves using only a visual for each question (images, photographs, etc), but no words. I haven't had issue with the majority of it, but I am stuck on one last question "What is your greatest accomplishment?"

I've been pondering over it for days now, and I am still at a complete loss. Of course, I've had months to do it and now I only have a few days left, but sometimes life gets in the way!

Anyway, it's an interesting question. You'd think something like your greatest accomplishment would be something you'd know off the top of your head. One of those things that flashes before your eyes as you die and can say "Yeah, I did that!" Okay, maybe I'm being melodramatic... But gosh, reducing everything I've done in my sixteen-almost-seventeen-years into my greatest accomplishment? I just don't know what I've done that is worthy of the title... I've never done anything particularly great. Shouldn't I have accomplished something by now? I mean, you hear about those teens who have climbed Mount Everest or sailed around the world or memorized the dictionary or whatever...but what have I done?  My family is convinced that I'm nuts for getting so worked up over this.
"This is ridiculous! Just pick something!"
"You're sixteen, it's not like anyone expects you to have found a cure for cancer!" (..yet)

So here I am, feeling extremely unaccomplished. If you think you know my greatest accomplishment, then please, enlighten me..

I really need to stop obsessing over everything..

By the way, if you have anything you'd like to see/read me write about, or a question you'd like me to answer, or anything like that...I'm open to suggestions. I feel like I'm running out of things to say, believe it or not! I'm not quite ready to see this blog die.


  1. But , isn't your greatest accomplishment that you're able to hear with your cochlear implants ?

  2. First of all, do *NOT* let the blog die. Just write. About whatever. You're an interesting person and you think interesting thoughts -- there's plenty there that the rest of us want to read about.

    Second of all, I have no idea what your greatest accomplishment is (surprise, surprise), but I can suggest a pretty impressive accomplishment -- whether or not it's your "greatest" is for you to decide. Namely, by sharing your life, both as a Person and as a Person With Hearing Loss, you offer inspiration, insight, and encouragement to those of us who are hoping to raise our own children with hearing loss into healthy, happy young adults. Don't be daunted by that -- raising my kid is my job, not yours, and you shouldn't feel like you have to be some sort of role model or leader, or that you always have to say "exactly the right thing", whatever that is. But just by being you and telling us about it, it helps. On behalf of at least some portion of your reading public, I thank you.

    Lastly, thanks specifically for your recent comment about Extreme Shyness -- that was very helfpul! Case in point....

  3. I think your blog is a terrific accomplishment. I remember reading last year about how you had to advocate for yourself to get an accommodation you needed at your school. Perhaps you could use that.

  4. I love when I get these kinds of comments! Thank you all for the suggestions. I ultimately came up with our school yearbook. After a year of chasing people down for pictures and interviews and being yelled at countless times to just "go away!" when trying to sell yearbooks to random people eating lunch at school, I can honestly say it felt amazing seeing it in print know that I contributed in making it and all the hard work paid off!


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